Coverage of issues surrounding expropriation of business by the Russian state

Timeline of state expropriation of business in Russia

2000 – Media-Most

Gusinsky is arrested on charges of stealing $10 million and after a bitter court battle, he is forced to relinquish control of his Media-Most media holding.

2003 – Yukos Oil Company

The Russian authorities begin a campaign of state expropriation against Yukos Oil Company as they decide to take control over it by accusing it of tax fraud.

2005 – Euroset

“K” department of the Russian Interior Ministry seizes phones worth $ 35 million from Euroset and initiates a criminal case related to smuggling.

2006 – Technosila

“K” department of the Russian Interior Ministry arrests Technosila’s largest warehouse and seizes goods worth $ 30 million.

2006 – Shell

Shell is being forced by the Russian government to hand over its controlling stake in the world’s biggest $20bn liquefied gas project.

2007 – Global Fishing Inc.

The head of Global Fishing Inc., is arrested and charged with poaching, money laundering and organizing a criminal organization.

2007 – Hermitage Capital

Dozens of police officers swoop down on the Moscow offices of Hermitage and its law firm, Firestone Duncan, confiscating tax documents and computers.

2008 – BP

Russian police raid the offices of BP and TNK-BP in Moscow and question managers as the Interior Ministry says it is investigating tax evasion worth more than $40m.

2009 – Telenor

Telenor stake in Russian mobile phone company Vimpelcom is seized after Telenor refuses to pay a $1.7 billion fine.

2011 – Ikea

IKEA says it won’t build more stores outside the Moscow region because it is refusing to pay bribes to the Russian safety inspectors.