Coverage of issues surrounding expropriation of business by the Russian state


Yevgeny Chichvarkin, a millionaire and businessman who used to own one of Russia’s leading mobile phone companies Euroset, has fled his homeland in 2008 after being accused of kidnapping and extortion. The tycoon has always denied accusations, saying they were brought by corrupt police who seized Euroset phones worth $35 million and sought a stake in his business.

Russia had sought Chichvarkin’s extradition ever since he flew to Britain in 2008, but later the charges against him were dropped and in January 2011 Russia has cancelled its request for an international arrest warrant against him.

On the 17 February 2011 the British Court closed Chichvarkin’s extradition case.

However, he continues to say that his return home is highly unlikely as he doesn’t believe it is safe for him to return to Russia.