Coverage of issues surrounding expropriation of business by the Russian state

If we kowtow to Putin, his disdain for us grows

The Times: The Times’ Roger Boyes writes that after the bizarre posthumous conviction of Sergei Magnitsky, it is clear that Putin is haunted by the ghost of Franz Kafka, so twisted was the logic of the whole trial. Boyes claims … Continue reading

Magnitsky verdict is in: Russia is a criminal state

The Moscow Times: Attorney and former boss of Sergei Magnitsky, Jamison Firestone, writes in the Moscow Times that the Yukos show trial the start of a trend of corruption in the Russian police and judicial system. By the time Sergei … Continue reading

Russians linked to Sergei Magnitsky case banned from entering UK

Daily Telegraph: The Daily Telegraph’s James Quinn and Philip Aldrick report that the UK Home Office has prohibited 60 Russian nationals linked to the Sergei Magnitsky case from travelling to the UK. The lawyer, who worked for Hermitage Capital Management, … Continue reading

Interpol reject Russia Browder request as politically motivated

Bloomberg: Bloomberg’s Olga Tanas and Ksenia Galouchko report that Interpol has rejected Russia’s call for assistance in finding British businessman William Browder, who has been charged with damaging the country’s interest by buying discounted Gazprom shares over ten years ago. … Continue reading

British tycoon William Browder fears extradition to Russia

The Times: The Times’ Moscow correspondent Ben Hoyle reports that British businessman William Browder could face extradition from the UK to Russia after the Russian authorities requested an Interpol ‘blue notice’ for his arrest. London-based Browder has been campaigning against … Continue reading

U.S. Magnitsky list penalizes 18 Russians for alleged rights abuses

Los Angeles Times: WASHINGTON — The Obama administration has sanctioned 18 Russian officials for alleged violations of human rights in their country, adding new strain to the difficult U.S.-Russian relationship. U.S. officials released the names of 18 Russian officials on Friday who … Continue reading

Russia set to start posthumous trial of whistleblower Magnitsky

Reuters: (Reuters) - Russia prepared to put whistleblowing lawyer Sergei Magnitsky on trial more than three years after his death, with a preliminary hearing set for Monday in a move relatives and rights groups called politically motivated and a travesty of justice. … Continue reading

A Magnitsky law for Europe. The US statute is a pro-Russian, not anti-Russian, act

Financial Times: Even by its own recent standards, Moscow’s response to the US Magnitsky law, which bars Russian officials accused of human rights violations from the US, has been ugly. President Vladimir Putin last week signed into law a ban … Continue reading